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Returns and Refunds

We’re sorry to hear you are not happy with your purchase!

It is our goal to make sure that you are pleased with the products you purchased from Rozlar.

We are unfortunately unable to process refunds for the following situations:

  • You no longer like the purchased product.
  • You found another product you like better or you’ve changed your mind.
  • You don’t select a suitable product to fit you or location.
  • You don’t have the correct size or colour.
  • You bought the item by accident.
  • A product purchased was made over 30 days ago.
  • All refunds are at the sole discretion of Rozlar.  Please note that we will close accounts from which we have received any chargebacks.

If you are not satisfied with our designs, we will refund your money.

Requests for refunds within 30 days from your initial purchase will be given.